Autumn Bliss

Autumn Bliss

Hello dear readers. I would start by saying sorry that there has been quite a gap in my blog! We jumped from Spring to Autumn and completely skipped Summer and a few things in between. However, to make up for it there will be an exciting surprise coming soon on my Instagram page 😉 so follow along if this sparks your interest!

I wrote before that Spring is my favourite season and for so many reasons! But just look at this wonderful season we are embracing now, Autumn has arrived! There is definitely so much beauty here, take a look around you: nature is always a great inspiration for artists, designers and for all of us really. The beautiful colours and tones that come with the falling leaves; from golden yellows, to burnt oranges, rich reds and bronze browns. Let’s reflect the warmth that this lovely season brings in our homes with some simple touches. I have put together a nice Autumn inspiration mood board for you at the end of this post and you can shop all items by clicking on each item name in the caption.

1. The front door

Start with your front door by adding a lovely seasonal wreath incorporating the inviting autumn colour palette of yellow, orange, and red mixed with some green foliage and a brown base. You can throw in a pumpkin or two. Who doesn’t love some seasonal pumpkin display?

2. Welcome home

Create a warm inviting entryway for your friends and family with a lovely centrepiece on your console table showing off a seasonal candle surrounded by a collection of acorns, pine cones and mini pumpkins. Add some rustic autumn wall plaque or sign and you are ready to go. You can also display the chestnuts that the children collect in their autumn walks of fresh crisp air. Bring it home!

3. Come on in

Your living room’s star for Autumn is the fireplace. Adorn the mantelpiece around the fire with some more seasonal pieces: mini pumpkins, a lantern, some mushrooms, a cute hedgehog. For a beautiful finishing touch add some little fairy lights in between your accessories, and maybe even hang a lovely autumn themed garland of leaves or pumpkins. Capture the scent of Autumn in a candle blending zesty orange or pumpkin, mixed with warm rich spices such as cinnamon, ginger, a hint of anise or some vanilla notes. Put the fire on, feet up, and enjoy some hot chocolate with your favourite book or slowly sip a nice warming tea while watching your favourite show. What could be more cosy?

4. Inside and all around

Reflect this lovely season all around your home by adding some different textures and warm layers to your rooms. Think of a chunky warm throw for your armchair to keep you snuggled up. Scatter some fluffy autumnal cushions around your sofa and rocking chair. A small sheepskin rug in your choice of colour adds instant warmth and depth to the room. Bring some autumnal vibes with a little seasonal plant and orange tinged foliage. Proudly display your knitted blankets not just in your living room but also the bedrooms or on a bench. Bring out your candlesticks and set the mood for autumn via warm candle lights across your home. A touch of rustic earthy tones and some rich accent red, yellow and orange mixed with deep green says it all!

5. Autumn inspiration mood board

As promised here is the Autumn mood board that I created for you, all items are handpicked and chosen by me. To shop the items in the mood board, please use the clickable links of each item in the caption below the mood board. I hope you enjoy it!

It is your home so most of all, make it yours. Reflect your own unique character by decorating and styling your home in a way as special as you are. Enjoy your home telling your story and bringing you happiness through the little things for they really are what matter most in the end; those personal touches! And enjoy the magic – yes that’r right, not just Christmas! – that this season brings and all the gorgeous things it has to offer.

Autumn inspiration mood board
1. Autumn wreath 2. Spiced pumpkin candle 3. Candlesticks 4. Decorative wall sign 5. Decorative acorns 6. Autumn garland 7. Knitted pumpkins 8. Autumn themed cushion 9. Chunky knitted blanket 10. Sheepskin rug

I hope this has given you some inspiration for styling and decorating your home this Autumn. I would love to hear your thoughts and I am always happy to help! If you have any questions or comments, please do share them in the comments below, alternatively you can get in touch with me. Happy Fall!