My Little Chalet

About me

Hi, I am Sandra, an interior stylist and home decorator. Over the past few years, I developed a passion for home interiors, styling and designing. I am currently slowly transforming our house, room by room, into a cosy, lovely home that brings us much joy, where every corner tells a story, and I would love to do the same for you.

I enjoy planning and putting rooms together very much, finding it very fulfilling and reflecting who I am, my style and personality. I have also recently done a course in Interior Design and Home Styling because I was so keen to learn and know more about the subject. I am married to a very special man Michael and we have two sweet children Nathanael (5) and Frederic (1).

My favourite personal colours are shades of pink and purple. For our home, I like shades of red with cream, turquoise and pastel colours. I absolutely adore the rustic/country/farmhouse/vintage/shabby chic styles, I find true beauty and character in these styles. I love the chic French style for the home too, such a fine and classy taste! Paris is always an inspiration and a dream destination for holiday and shopping! I also enjoy baking and a bit of gardening, but most of all I love making our home pretty and unique.

Spring is my favourite season: new life, beautiful flowers and sunshine, and lovely birds happily chirping.

My main purpose is to give you a stylish home that brings you joy everyday, reflecting beauty throughout yet flexible and practical for you. My Little Chalet offers you home styling solutions online and in person that are easily accessible and affordable, empowering you with support in the process. I want to help you achieve your dream home, to your own style and at any budget, wherever you are. Get the best out of your home, with a little helping hand. Lets have a coffee and get in touch.