Spring refresh your home

Spring refresh your home

It is finally and officially spring again: my favourite season of new life and natural beauty! Past are the the long dark nights and welcome to the longer and brighter days! Who doesn’t enjoy this lovely season and the cheerfulness it brings in our lives? Embrace spring and reflect it in your home with these five simple ideas that are easy to implement. 

1. Outdoors indoors

What can be more spring than beautiful greens and pretty flowers? Add some life to empty corners in your home with some plants. Bring in a bunch of blooms for an instant pop of colour (and possibly fragrance)! When beautifully arranged, this can double as a beautiful centrepiece in the room. Freshly picked flowers are a great addition to any surface. Tulips are my favourite but you can use any type you like. Think a decorative bicycle planter with a flowering plant or a lovely pitcher jug with fresh flowers on a table top or a windowsill, springy focal points.

2. A splash of colour

Scatter a few pretty floral cushions on your sofa (or some pillows in the bedroom), together with a light textured throw for a happy spring feel. Try some pastel colours for a soft touch of colour or dare to be bold and introduce stronger shades for quite the colour statement! A natural fibre rug, maybe even with some fun spring pattern or print, can liven up the space. Aim for lighter fabrics and bright colours for pillows, throws and rugs. A fresh coat of paint to an accent wall, if you don’t want to paint the whole room, can be all it takes to bring this fresh look to your home. Last but not least are floral arrangements of course for an easy burst of colour.

3. Fresh scents

Say it with candles. What can be more refreshing than a softly scented candle? Choose light, floral or citrusy scents to give your home this fresh, clean vibe. It can also give your mood a boost and a touch of romance to your home. Think light coloured candles with lavender, woody and refreshing citrus fragrances. You can also get similar effects with diffusers if you don’t want to use candles. Again there is nothing like the smell of fresh flowers in your home to uplift your spirit and set the scene for spring!

4. Light and airy feel

Make the most of the wonderful natural light in spring: pull back the curtains and let the light in! Light and colourful curtains work best to give an airy feeling to your home. Mirrors are a great way to spread the light across the room and give an open space feel. Adding a mirror to a small room usually makes it feel more spacious!

Another way to give your space a fresh new look is some easy layout changes. Simply rearranging some of your existing furniture or moving some decorations around in the room can breathe new life in your home. Small changes can go a long way, enhancing your mood and giving your interiors a whole new look!

5. Accessories update

Beauty lies in all those little details. Personally, I have some little decorations for each season to give my home the atmosphere for the different times of the year. Swapping in new decor, accents, wall art, and small decorative items can create eye catching focal points and centrepieces. Replace heavier accessories with light and brightly coloured ones. Try placing a few colourful accents around your home like brightly coloured vases, vibrant coloured photo frames, and statement wall art pieces. You can also bring new life to your favourite piece of furniture (your rocking chair, small chest of drawers, or even your kitchen cabinets) by painting it in a fresh new colour. You will be amazed at the big difference that small accessories make in your home!

I love interiors and do believe that your home should be your haven and a source of everyday joy and refreshment! I hope that sharing these few tips gave you some inspiration and ideas to freshen up your home this spring and give your interiors a touch of life. Enjoy the sunshine and happy decorating!