How to decorate your home on a budget

How to decorate your home on a budget

We all want to have beautiful homes that give us joy every day wherever we look around. It is the collection of all the little things that really makes all the difference in how your home looks! Here I will share with you some tips on how to add special touches to your home, using some decorations and accessories to personalise your home to your own taste and style, without the expensive price tags.

1. Personalise any wall in your home with a self-adhesive blackboard or a magnetic chalkboard paint

This is a really easy and cheap way to get creative and artistic. You can transform any wall into a chalkboard by sticking a vinyl cut to size blackboard to it or by painting it with a magnetic (bonus) chalkboard paint.With some imagination and chalk or colourful chalk markers/pens, you can create your very own masterpiece! You can do that in your kitchen corner to create a cosy coffee bar, a menu/planner or even a fun way to write your shopping list. In your office/study, you can write your to do list or things to remember. You can even use it to decorate children’s bedrooms and let their imagination flow or to even help with their homework. Add some creativity and the possibilities are endless, always resulting in beautiful spaces.

You can find the self-adhesive blackboard really cheaply, for example at hobbycraft. You can buy the magnetic chalkboard paint at Homebase for example.

2. Create a feature wall using photo frames

This is a timeless way to bring together all your happy memories, funny moments and travel adventures. Share your proud moments with your family and friends. There are so many ways to achieve this look: you can use multi aperture frames, or various single picture frames, pin boards, clip boards or hang photos using little pegs. You can choose your style and mix your favourite colours. The result is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and remind you of all your special moments. It also gives your guests something to admire as they discover your story.

3. Get unique pieces at amazing prices

My absolute favourite shops where I find great pieces for my own home are Homsense and TK Maxx. And no I am not advertising for them and I don’t earn any commission for writing that, I am just a big fan. I am always excited when I find something different, something special there at really good prices. No matter what your style: vintage, modern or classic, there is something for you: from furniture pieces to kitchen utensils and everything in between. I would recommend you visit them and see for yourself!

4. Get something different every week while getting your groceries

I love Lidl and Aldi – again, they don’t pay me anything for this! I am excited every week while I do my normal grocery shopping to find those special little things that make my day. Not just do they have different tastes for different weeks at great prices, they also have special buys every week with lots of home ware accessories and so many other things which are all of really good quality. Personally I enjoy that there is always something to look forward to every week while shopping there as well as saving my family money. You can give them a try and see for yourself!

I believe that making your home pretty doesn’t mean spending thousands of pounds to hire an interior designer. My home styling service comes at a reasonable and affordable price, and with lots of care and love for creating lovely homes. Keep an eye on future blogs for more tips, tricks and ideas on decorating your home and always be original, be unique and be yourself! Please do share your thoughts, ideas or questions in the comments below.